The Amel Batita Museum is the brand's annual event.
It is both a point of sale and an exceptional exhibition!
In the heart of Paris, each year, the Museum Amel Batita reinvents itself and gives you a special appointment to make you live a unique moment around the two inseparable worlds of the brand: Art & Fashion.

What is the Museum?

The Museum Amel Batita is the first exhibition of silk squares imagined by its creator.
The artist takes admirers on a journey through her audacious universe, merging her textures with her silk scarves!
She reveals her unique Savoir-Faire as well as her artworks which gave life to the astonishing patterns of the silk squares.

"I create the silk squares as works of art, it was essential for me to display them as they deserved."

Some of the Amel Batita silk scarves are created in limited edition, which makes them rare collectible's pieces." Amel Batita

The concept ?

Live an exceptional experience by visiting the first exhibition and pop-up of colorful silk squares with a spectacular decor!

The Museum Amel Batita is both an artistic and trendy space that immerses its admirers in the creative and immersive universe of the brand by presenting them the whole process of the unique Savoir-Faire of the artist who gave birth to scarves of singular silks.
This is an opportunity to touch, try on luxurious silk and discover exclusive silk scarves alongside the artist and founder, Amel Batita.

Museum ANDdition 2023

This year, the Amel Batita Museum was held in the heart of the Marais, and took the form of an ephemeral gallery, exclusively showcasing the new signature collection of the brand “Moussard Edition” as well as the private collection “Limited Edition” and their raw works.
It was also an opportunity for visitors to acquire the exceptional creations of Amel Batita.
For five thrilling days, Amel Batita Museum was a space where fashion and art came together to bring to life a captivating immersive experience.
Visitors were immersed into the creative universe of the brand, discovering each piece of the new collection which represents the unique Savoir-Faire and the vibrant artistic vision of the artist and creator of the brand.

The exception to this unique event was the fashion show organized during the opening night of the Amel Batita Museum .

First runway of Amel Batita silk scarves!

"As I like to do things big, I organized the first fashion show of silk scarves ever at the opening night of the Amel Batita Museum.

During this show, I dressed my models in a thousand and one ways to demonstrate that the silk square is not just an accessory but much more.
It can be the masterpiece of an outfit giving it incomparable elegance even in its simplicity.
Amel Batita