How to take care of the Amel Batita silk scarf?


All Amel Batita creations are works on silk that retain their shine and beauty over time!
Delicate due to their luxuriously silky quality, they require special care.


Silk twill is a light, soft and delicate material.

In addition, it has thermal properties: it warms in winter and cools in summer!

A wash by a professional is highly recommanded .

Do not use fabric softener or stain remover.

Never mislead in hot water because it damages the fibers of the silk.

Do not rub silk or wring.

Avoid rain and pool water on silk


Thanks to its elasticity, it is virtually crease-proof and is of legendary resistance.

An ironing upside down when the silk square is slightly damp is highly recommanded.

Iron at a very low iron temperature.

Disable steam mode.

Do not insist on the fabric at the risk of burning or damaging it.


At the corner of each silk square, an Amel Batita hot-stamped signature is affixed on a scrap of a white scrap of tleather.


When washing at a professional, warn him of the presence of the leather signature at the corner of the silk scarf.

Never iron the leather.

Remove any source of fire.