Constantly in search of new artistic techniques, Panneau Blanc brings the impossible to life by creating astonishing textures that will become the patterns for its silk scarves.


Each month, discover a new unisex silk scarf with vibrant colors and a luxuriously silky feel.


"I like the idea that the Panneau Blanc silk scarf is like a permanent exhibition when we wear it."

"Nothing happened by chance...

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the subtleties of the world around me!

I accompanied my father to Italy, a trader, in search of new scarf trends.
His suppliers nicknamed me "Amelia".
Our garage was a pool of scarves, colors and materials. I loved diving into it!

Very early on, fashion became a passion and a means of asserting myself and differentiating myself.
I naturally started to draw sketches of clothes, probably the ones I wanted to wear by being bigger.

Later, I captured these subtleties which deserved for me to be immortalized.
But that was not enough for me!
It was in an art school that I realized that this child's eye sensitive to aesthetics will never leave me.

During a plastic project, I had to represent 4 cities.
I imagined colors, materials and vibrations.
That's when my textures were born.
I had finally found a way to reinterpret these subtleties of the world around me."


Amel Batita
Artist and founder of White Panel



"Creativity is about mixing and re-mixing."

The artist creates textures thanks to the remains of materials or substances that surround her. 

This can be mineral materials such as water and foam (used for moussard for example), plastic or even organic materials.
She can add color to them like paint or ink.

These textures can sometimes be perceptible to the eye for a moment through physical manifestations of the immaterial. This is why they will be immortalized by photography.

Her abstract photographic series then take on a new dimension thanks to their digitization.
Dreamlike images are thus created, then patterns of exceptional aesthetic quality that marry the italian silk twill.

If the designs of the Amel Batita  silk scarves suggest so many mysteries, they lead us to dream and reflect on the essence of a work that goes beyond traditional photographic observation.


"An artcycler is a creator of beautiful things that preserve the world."

The practice of serendipity is the secret of Panneau Blanc's know-how. 
This practice is well known in the art as lost and found collecting.
Serendipity is not just about trusting chance. It's about exploring the world around us, trusting that we'll find something other than what we were looking for.


Today we are developing a new facet of art, where reusing, including and giving new life is a priority. We are therefore developing new ways of using the objects around us.
Each object introduced into the creative process is seen as a way to (re)generate value and a new perspective.

Our creative way of reusing leftovers and combining them with crafts allows us to offer unique creations that will leave a positive impact on the planet.


Through our creations, we manage to touch beauty by seeking, finding, making mistakes and remixing. 
We then show that sustainability is beautiful and possible and only our imagination sets the limits of what we can re-exploit and how.