"I like the idea that the silk scarf is like a permanent exhibition when you wear it."

"Nothing happened by chance...
Since I was young, I have been fascinated by the subtleties of the world around me!
I accompanied my father to Italy, a merchant, in search of new scarf trends. His suppliers nicknamed me "Amelia". Our garage was a pool of scarves, colors, and materials. I loved diving into it!
Early on, fashion became a passion and a means of asserting and differentiating myself. I naturally began sketching clothing designs, probably those I would like to wear when I grew up.
Later on, I worked every Sunday at the popular markets with my father.
I met women for whom the scarf was more than just an accessory and who were looking for the scarf that would reflect their inner beauty.
I helped them to wear it in line with their identity so they could feel unique and radiant.
Unconsciously, a love and expertise for scarves were emerging.
Being as passionate about fashion as I am about art, I simultaneously pursued my artistic experiments on my canvases with the sole purpose: to create a unique visual that made me dream!
Much later, I began working in the fashion industry. I continued to create textures on my canvases, but I missed working on the markets with my father. I also missed these inspiring women I met. So, I realized that my final canvas was this accessory that I hold dear: the silk square."
Amel Batita Artist and Founder