Amel Batita reinvents the silk scarf and creates works of art on silk by dressing her scarves with the surprising works she creates using everyday objects. It's a savoir-faire unique to the brand, which she calls Artcycling.
Through a combination of bold, avant-garde motifs and a holistic creative vision, Amel Batita diverts her objects from their usual uses and invites us to look at them in a different way. 

Amel Batita has been named one of the world's top accessory designers for 2023 by the prestigious Fashion Trust Arabia.  


Amel Batita creates silk scarf as a work of art thanks to an innovative technique she calls Art Cycling.

She reuses objects from her everyday life to create a texture on a unique canvas that will later become the pattern on her silk scarves. 

"I love the idea of fusing art and fashion through this prestigious accessory that allows people to wear and exhibit a piece of art (...) I've always looked beyond her objects with a new perspective, to reveal their hidden beauties and give them a new value."

By diverting her objects from their usual uses, Amel invites us to look at them in a different way, proving that recycling is possible, even in art, fashion and luxury;

The creative way we reuse leftovers and combine them with craftsmanship allows us to offer unique creations that will leave a positive impact on the planet.

"My know-how is a mindset that allows you to see beauty everywhere, you just have to be attentive to it."

With our creations, we manage to touch beauty by searching, finding, making mistakes and remixing. 

We then show that sustainability is beautiful and possible, and only our imagination sets the limits of what we can re-use and how.